Star Trek's World Premiere in Amsterdam!

Star Trek XI - Bridge

The Netherlands will have the world premiere of the new Star Trek movie! On Wednesday May 6 the Pathé ArenA theatre in Amsterdam will host the world's very first showing of “Star Trek” on IMAX format .

This new movie, directed by 'Lost'-director J.J. Abrams is the long-awaited eleventh incarnation of the still extremely popular science fiction phenomenon Star Trek. And Dutch Star Trek fan club The Federation will be there to make this a truly memorable and unique event!

For starters, the audience will experience the movie not one but two days before the official United States premiere on May 8th! And, for those who really can't get enough: the movie will be shown twice! On top of that, Pathé ArenA in collaboration with Star Trek fan club The Federation will offer a very special VIP package for just ¤25, which will enable you to fully immerse yourself in the world of Star trek before and after enjoying the movie.

More details will be published on this website as soon as they become available. Donors to The Federation as well as visitors to this website will be able to reserve these special tickets. Be sure not to miss this one-of-a-kind event! And if you are a Federation donor, you will be treated to some specials, just for you!

We expect considerable (international) attention for this event, so we advise you to watch this website closely, as news develops. We will bring new developments and information both in Dutch and in English!
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TPol schreef:

Wat gaafffffff!!! Ik heb er nu al zin in

11/03/2009 09:39u

Calastir schreef:

YES! We've got a world premiere!!!

11/03/2009 09:40u

yrch schreef:

Congrats for you having a world premiere! But what version will it be? Engish, dubbed or subtiteled?

HMMmm..planning a trip to Amsterdam, I am!

12/03/2009 04:26u

Admiral Robin schreef:

Will probably be English with Dutch subtitles.

12/03/2009 07:25u

GaiusBaltar schreef:

English spoken, Dutch subtitles is the standard over here. Dubbing is usually only done for kids' movies and often the original, subtitled version is available as well.

12/03/2009 08:33u

stefan schreef:

lets show the world how to party!!!

12/03/2009 20:59u

Bajor Rules schreef:

VERY good news indeed!

13/03/2009 11:47u

Gowron schreef:

waar kan ik me vip ticket krijgen inschrijven? ik ga zeker!

where can i register my vip ticket?

13/03/2009 23:08u

TMar schreef:

Ik wil ook! Supergaaf!

13/03/2009 23:49u

TMar schreef:

This is going to be so great!

13/03/2009 23:52u

GaiusBaltar schreef:

We are currently working “around the clock” to finish registration pages, and when these are ready and tested we'll put them online. Just remain patient, come back often and everything will sort itself out!

14/03/2009 07:43u

TMar schreef:

I'll check the site every day

17/03/2009 20:10u

EnforcerKnight schreef:

Has there been any updates?

20/03/2009 11:06u

ST Dark Horizon schreef:

Yes, updates would be nice. I'm a writer and Producer of a fan show and me and my cast wish to attend. I'm bitting my nails everyday waiting for updates so i can get tickets for 10 of us. I'm afraid there my not be many available. Does any body know how many seats are in the theater?

20/03/2009 12:15u

Eelco schreef:

600 seats

20/03/2009 16:27u

Admiral Robin schreef:

Hi ST Dark Horizon,

I'm interested to know which fan show you're talking about. I'm quite familiar with all the ST fan productions around today, but I've never heard of Dark Horizon before (if that's the title of your show). Couldn't find anything on the internet about DH either.

I'd really love to know more about your show, what you have released that you can show me and where you're based.


Robin Hiert,
Exec. Producer ST Dark Armada

21/03/2009 01:40u

GaiusBaltar schreef:

Please, use personal messaging to contact each other or discuss items that are off-topic to the news item provided here. Just click on the orange nickname, this will open a window which allows you to contact someone personally. Thanks for cooperating!

Your web editor

21/03/2009 08:27u

Admiral Robin schreef:

Ah! Didn't know I could do that, thanks!

21/03/2009 10:18u

1701 schreef:

Wereldpremiere is trouwens op 7 april in Sydney.

21/03/2009 10:46u

Macros schreef:


Zeker iets om de gaten te houden,


21/03/2009 16:41u

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